The ACTION II “Petit Lady” procedure is not a laser vaginoplasty (laser assisted vaginal surgery with a CO2 or diode laser), but is a non-invasive non-surgical procedure.

Procedure is performed in confidential manner in the presence of registered , trained female nursing staff by state of ART Action 2 Petit Lady laser.

The procedure strengthens the vaginal tissue, builds up new collagen , tightens the vaginal canal and relieve stress urinary incontinence symptoms. The procedure can be performed for a variety of other Women health presentations, kindly make an enquiry.

Very popular O shot or Naturalis procedure are name given to platelet rich plasma therapy which is basically harvesting technique of plasma cells from patient own blood and utilising it for rejuvenation of female genital tract.

Both procedures are performed simultaneously under local anaesthetic with no pain and or minimal discomfort and minimum down time.