ERBYAG Laser- being performed in dual mode, fractional and long pulse achieving best results in minimal downtime. Get rid of pigmentary problems (melasma, sun damage skin, freckles etc), smoothen out the texture of skin, (scar reduction eg acne, herpes etc), treat fine lines and wrinkles, clear out vascular issues (birth marks, skin blemishes etc), do away with age related damage, (age spots, seborrheic keratosis etc) , achieve shining peel (so called celebrity peel) and tighten up your skin.

The procedure is performed under topical anaesthesia with no or minimal discomfort and takes only 45 minutes.

Post-treatment care is very simple and an information pack is provided by clinic staff.

There is minimal downtime. Most of the patients achieve full recovery in 3 days !! as compared to other laser treatments of 7-10 days.

Underlying volume depletion is replaced with AHA fillers.

Maximum facial rejuvenation is achieved by Alocuro therapy in a highly sterile environment.

Complimentary Healite 2 photodynamic therapy is performed in the end to increase blood circulation to the involved area and to achieve the best results for the patient.