Total periorbital eye rejuvenation is achieved by one and or a combination of the following procedures:

The surgical procedure to remove excessive skin, fat, and or muscle of upper eyelids, to improve aesthetics of eyelids as well as may improve vision in certain cases.
The procedure is performed by carefully administering nerve block followed by local anesthesia so that the whole process is relatively pain-free.
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Volume Replacement:
Achieved by meticulously administering dermal and subdermal implants for example in the tear trough area to volumize and restore the normal appearance of the under-eye region.

PDO Threads:
These collagen-boosting mono threads can be precisely placed around eyebrows and under eyes for natural collagen induction. As part of regenerative medicine, these threads can help with eyebrow lifting and reshaping.

Fractional Laser resurfacing:

With the help of The state of art Erbium-Yag fractional laser resurfacing around the eyes, skin is smoothened out, skin pores are reduced, tightened up and pigmentation can be reduced with high precision.

Anti-wrinkle Injections:
Wrinkles and deep lines especially so-called crow’s feet are corrected by induction of anti-wrinkle injections. Brow lift procedure can also be performed with the help of a disport/botox injection.