We must conceptualise face as a structure with underlying foundation or framework, a support system and an outer envelope. Patient may present with concern of any of the mentioned regions resulting in pigmentation changes, vascular changes, loss of underlying support structures causing sagging skin, wrinkles, deep skin creases, fine lines, atrophy and or redistribution of underlying fat.

Every client comes with a different concern and at Southport Skin Cosmetic and Medical clinic different modalities being utilised after carefully assessing client needs, for instance, The concern can be related just to outer layer of skin due to photo ageing, acne scarring, melasma, Sun spots, keratosis to name a few, and those can be corrected with highly advanced, mesotherapy, photodynamic therapy, fractional laser surfacing, medications, skin boosters, topical creams etc, alone or in combination.

Or, a patient may want to turn the clock back and restore underlying volume depletion of the structures that may be achieved with laser, HA fillers, PDO threads, collagen boosting threads, skin boosters etc.

Or the main concern can only be related to static or dynamic facial lines for which anti-wrinkles can be the answer, either alone or in combination with collagen-boosting threads or skin booster injections.

Careful examination and assessment of every client is mandatory and prudent planning of aesthetic procedures according to client concern is vital to achieve optimal results.